FrankenBike # 47 ~ April 19, 2014 ~ 10am-4pm

FrankenBike # 47 will be held in conjunction with the Mid City Mashers in the soon-to-be condo neighborhood just south of the Tower of the Americas on the new streets being build next to Hemisphere Park ~ Scroll down to view a map of the exact location:  300 Labor Street 78210.   PS ~ Thanks to everyone who helped out with last months swap meet and the last second move to Red- D Bikes.  We are grateful to you all!

Driving Instructions:  There is also a map below:  Directions from I-37: Exit Cesar Chavez. Once you hit the light, turn right if you’re coming from the north, left if from the south, towards the tower, merge to left lane and once you pass the apartments that are on your left, labor street in on the left.  Make left turn and drive until you see a little store. That street is Leigh. Turn left and open field is before you. you can call me if you need additional info. There is plenty of parking.  Please do wait for me to get there before you set up. I’ll be there at 8am. 512-694-6526.  Cheers!

FrankenBike is hooking up with San Antonio’s Mid City Mashers to bring you an epic day of cycling fun.

Mid City Mashers are proud to bring y’all another EPIC event!!!!!!

ON THIS FINE SPRING DAY, we will have:

= FrankenBike from 10am-4pm

= Heat/ Crit (Fixed Mens and Womens, Geared, Roadie, and Kiddo categories!!! )

= Skate and BMX ramps

= Easter Egg Hunt (adult and Kid categories ;)

= Bike Rodeo

= Fixie Foot Down

= Multiple Food Trucks will be on hand, including Saboras! and Rocker Dogz!!!

= PLENTY of beerz for the adults thanks to ST. ARNOLD, INDEPENDENCE, and LONE STAR

= Also, one hell of an afterparty at The Shoe Warehouse with some incredible local talent will take place. DJ NOTION will be on deck, along with DJ CRIAS, FERNO and ADAM MADRIGAL, and DJ ZACK MEADS!!!!!

We have city backing via Diego M. Bernal our District 1 (DT) Councilman. Email him… He might D.J. For the event!!!!

Race Info; Fixed/geard/womens…Pre-registration is a must!!!!! helmets are a must!!!!! $3$ off if you wear a full kit!!! … 30 lap men’s 20 laps women’s. After said laps last Woman/Man is out!

Frankenbike will b in full e-f-f-ect!!!!

All my Bmx and sk8er’s!! Kellum sk8 shop will have ramps and poles to grind. They will b judging their own category! Stop by the shop for details! We will have a kid category so bring your little youths so they can get a taste of the race (pre-registration is a must as well)!!!

We need help with judges!! Pls contact Jordan Kizzart if you wanna help make this event EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

After Party: After the race is over we are going to ryde to The Shoe Warehouse! Next to Backstage Live after party $10$ racers get in free!! So race or help out!!!

LOCATION is off of Ceasar Chavez and Labor st. in the heart of Southtown!!!

Bring lawn chairs, blankets, and good vibes. Lets have a great time!!!



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FrankenBike # 46 ~ March 22, 2014 ~ 10am-4pm


120 Playmoor Suite B

San Antonio, Texas 78210

Also, if you scroll down, you can check out all the pictures from last months FrankenBike at Paul’s Bike Repair Station. It was a great turnout thanks to everyone who showed up or helped get the word out.

Until next month, stay safe, have fun and go ride your bike!



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